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Though a very small country, the Gambia is extremely rich in birdlife. We engaged a local ornithologist for one day at the end of the holiday and even at that late stage added a lot of new species. It was at that time (and probably still is) a very dirty country and, if not used to third world ways, one should be mentally prepared for the culture shock. Many people stayed within the confines of the hotel and its private beach but that is to miss much of the richness of the country.
Abyssinian roller great white egret red billed hornbill
African darter green fruit pigeon red billed wood dove
African pied wagtail green sandpiper red cheeked cordon bleu
bar tailed godwit greenshank red eyed dove
bearded barbet grey headed gull redshank
blackcap grey heron reef heron
black & white tailed hornbill grey hornbill ringed plover
black headed gull grey pelican royal tern
black headed heron grey plantain eater ruff
black headed plover grey plover sanderling
black heron grey headed sparrow Sandwich tern
black kite harrier hawk sedge warbler
black magpie hooded vulture Senegal coucal
black shouldered kite hoopoe Senegal firefinch
black winged stilt house sparrow Senegal indigo finch
blue bellied roller laughing dove Senegal long tailed parakeet
blue cheeked bee eater lesser black backed gull Senegal parrot
bronze mannikin lesser flamingo Senegal plover
brown harrier eagle little African swift Senegal wattled plover
buffalo warbler little bee eater Senegal wood hoopoe
bush sparrow little egret simple leaf-love
Cameroon indigo finch little ringed plover speckled pigeon
Caspian tern little tern splendid starling
cattle egret lizard buzzard splendid sunbird
chestnut backed finch lark long crested helmet shrike spur winged plover
collared sunbird long tailed dove stone partridge
common garden bulbul long tailed glossy starling striped kingfisher
common sandpiper long tailed shag superb sunbird
common snipe long tailed shrike swallow tailed bee eater
common tern mosque swallow tambourine dove
crested lark mourning dove turnstone
curlew night heron village weaver
dabchick nuthatch warbler West African thrush
double spurred francolin orange weaver whimbrel
European swallow osprey white breasted cormorant
fanti rough winged swallow palm nut vulture white throated bee eater
fine spotted woodpecker palm swift white wagtail
garganey pied crow wood sandpiper
giant kingfisher pied kingfisher woodchat shrike
glossy backed drongo purple glossy starling yellow billed egret
golden oriole purple heron yellow fronted canary
goliath heron pygmy long tailed sunbird yellow wagtail
    TOTAL: 126
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Caspian tern.  Click once to see an enlargement.
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