The most remarkable visitor has been a sparrowhawk which sat on the rear garden wall for 20 minutes one morning in February 2000 and has returned on 3 further occasions. Linnet, meadow pipit and pheasant are also rather unusual for a town garden. I will be pleased to learn what unusual birds you have had in your own garden - please
blackbird grey wagtail robin
blue tit house martin siskin
bullfinch house sparrow song thrush
chaffinch jackdaw sparrowhawk
chiffchaff linnet starling
coal tit long tailed tit stock dove
collared dove magpie swallow
crow marsh tit treecreeper
dunnock meadow pipit willow warbler
goldcrest nuthatch wood pigeon
goldfinch pheasant wren
great tit pied wagtail  
greenfinch redstart TOTAL: 37
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The rare Welsh blushing bird! (This is not actually a link to anywhere.) 
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