This was our honeymoon and what a spectacular place to spend it! We toured right round the island, seeing some amazing scenery and huge numbers of birds. 19 species were new to us and particularly pleasing were Barrow's goldeneye, gyrfalcon, harlequin (an indigenous species), ptarmigan and red necked phalarope. If it weren't for the ridiculous cost of everything, this would be a regular destination for us. One night, when funds were running low, we resorted to sharing a large take-away pizza between us and that cost £8 (in 1988!).
Arctic skua greylag goose red breasted merganser
Arctic tern gyrfalcon red necked phalarope
Barrow's goldeneye harlequin redshank
black guillemot herring gull red throated diver
black headed gull house sparrow redwing
black tailed godwit Iceland gull ringed plover
common scoter kittiwake scaup
cormorant lesser black backed gull shag
dunlin long tailed duck snipe
eider mallard snow bunting
feral pigeon meadow pipit starling
fulmar mealy redpoll teal
gadwall oyster catcher tufted duck
glaucous gull ptarmigan wheatear
golden plover puffin whimbrel
great black backed gull purple sandpiper white wagtail
great northern diver raven whooper swan
great skua razorbill wigeon
    TOTAL: 54
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Ptarmigan (winter plumage).  Click once to see an enlargement.
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