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This was a 2000 mile tour of Rajhastan, not specifically a birdwatching holiday. However, India is so rich in birds that we saw a good number of species. We did guided game tours in the Sariska and Ranthambhore National Parks, where many of the birds (as well as tigers) were seen.
Alexandrine parakeet golden backed woodpecker paradise flycatcher
ashy crowned finch lark great cormorant pariah kite
ashy prinia green pigeon pheasant tailed jacana
bank myna greenshank pied kingfisher
black drongo grey headed flycatcher pied wheatear
black headed gull grey heron pintail
black redstart grey partridge pochard
black winged kite grey tit purple heron
black winged stilt grey wagtail purple sunbird
blossom headed parakeet honey buzzard redshank
blue rock pigeon hoopoe red vented bulbul
Brahminy duck house crow red wattled lapwing
bronze winged jacana house sparrow river tern
brown crake Indian grey shrike rose ringed parakeet
brown rock chat Indian prinia rufous backed shrike
cattle egret Indian roller shoveler
collared dove intermediate egret spotted dove
collared scops owl Isabelline wheatear spotted owlet
common kingfisher jungle babbler stonechat
common myna jungle crow tawny eagle
common peafowl kestrel teal
common quail king vulture tree pie
common sandpiper koel tufted duck
common snipe large egret whistling duck
common swallow large grey babbler white backed vulture
common wood shrike large pied wagtail white bellied drongo
coot little cormorant white breasted kingfisher
cotton teal little egret white breasted waterhen
coucal little green bee eater white cheeked bulbul
crested serpent eagle little green heron white ibis
cuckoo shrike long billed vulture white necked stork
dabchick magpie robin white wagtail
darter moorhen yellow headed wagtail
dusky horned owl osprey yellow wagtail
Egyptian vulture paddy bird  
godwit painted stork TOTAL: 106
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Darter (snakebird).  Click once to see an enlargement.
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