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This was a tour in the southern state of Kerala, followed by a week in Goa. There was not much scope for birdwatching, hence the low number of birds identified.
ashy prinia house crow purple heron
black drongo house sparrow redshank
black winged kite Indian robin red vented bulbul
blue tailed bee eater Indian roller red whiskered bulbul
Brahminy kite intermediate egret reef heron
brown chiffchaff jungle crow rose ringed parakeet
brown headed gull large pied wagtail rufous backed shrike
cattle egret little cormorant spotted dove
common kingfisher little egret starling
common myna little green bee eater tailorbird
common sandpiper little tern white bellied stork
common swallow magpie robin white breasted kingfisher
coot open billed stork white browed bulbul
coucal paddy bird white necked stork
dabchick Pallas's fish eagle  
golden oriole pied kingfisher TOTAL: 46
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Little grebe (also called dabchick).  Click once to see an enlargement.
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