BIRDS SEEN ON THE BEARA PENINSULA, WEST COUNTY CORK, IRELAND, MAY 1999 (Click the mini-map to view a large map showing the location and to find links to the Dursey Page and Dursey Photo Album.)

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I was very unlucky on this holiday not to see a vagrant European bee eater which for 6 days was in the area where I was staying. When informed of its habitual location (a garden at the east end of Crow Head), I immediately went looking for it, only to be told that it had flown off a few hours earlier! The sighting of black guillemot was, however, very good. Choughs are common on the Beara Peninsula and all the crows are of the hooded variety.
black guillemot herring gull raven
black headed gull hooded crow robin
blackbird house martin rock pipit
blue tit house sparrow rook
chough jackdaw sedge warbler
collared dove kestrel song thrush
common sandpiper lark starling
cormorant lesser black backed gull stonechat
curlew linnet swallow
dunnock magpie swan
fulmar mallard wheatear
gannet meadow pipit willow warbler
guillemot oyster catcher wren
heron pied wagtail TOTAL: 41
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Oystercatcher.  Click once to see an enlargement.
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