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This was a wonderful safari including Samburu, Treetops, Lake Nakuru, Lake Naivasha and the Masai Mara. Though it was primarily a game viewing trip, our driver was a bird expert and, without binoculars, was able to identify species at great distances. The holiday was marred by the fact that our rooms were burgled at the famous Treetops hotel (allegedly the first burglary ever committed there!) and we then had to survive a few days with minimal possessions and clothes. We returned to the fancy hotel in Nairobi with our few remaining items in carrier bags and drew some funny looks from hotel guests and staff! Having lost my electric razor, I went to a barber in the city and subjected myself to a shave with a cut-throat razor - the only one of my life. This number of birds is the largest seen on any of our holidays.
African firefinch grey headed sparrow red headed weaver
African pied wagtail grey heron red rumped swallow
African sand martin grey woodpecker red winged starling
augur buzzard hadada ibis Reichenow's weaver
banded martin hammerkop Richard's pipit
bare eyed thrush harrier hawk ring necked dove
bateleur helmeted guineafowl rufous chatterer
black backed puffback Hildebrandt's starling rufous sparrow
black chested harrier eagle hooded vulture Ruppell's long tailed starling
black crake hoopoe Ruppell's robin chat
black headed heron Hottentot teal Ruppell's vulture
black kite kikuyu white-eye sacred ibis
black rough winged swallow Kittlitz's plover scrub robin
black shouldered kite Kori bustard secretary bird
black tailed godwit laughing dove Somali bee eater
black winged stilt lesser flamingo spectacled mousebird
blacksmith plover lilac breasted roller spectacled pigeon
blue eared glossy starling little egret Speke's weaver
bronze sunbird little swift spotted morning warbler
cattle egret long crested eagle spur winged plover
chestnut weaver maribou stork striped kingfisher
common shrike martial eagle striped swallow
coot moorhen superb starling
crested francolin mosque swallow tawny eagle
crowned plover mourning dove Van der Decken's hornbill
crowned crane nightjar variable sunbird
dabchick Nubian vulture Verreaux's eagle
D'Arnaud's barbet Nubian woodpecker wattled starling
drongo olive thrush whie browed coucal
Eastern double collared sunbird orange bellied parrot whiskered tern
Egyptian goose osprey white backed vulture
emerald spotted wood dove ostrich white bellied go-away bird
fiscal shrike pale chanting goshawk white browed robin chat
Fischer's lovebird palm nut vulture white browed sparrow weaver
fish eagle palm swift white headed buffalo weaver
giant kingfisher paradise flycatcher white necked cormorant
golden breasted starling paradise whydah white pelican
golden palm weaver pied crow white throated bee eater
great white egret pied kingfisher white winged black tern
green backed heron pied starling winding cisticola
green wood hoopoe pink backed pelican yellow billed duck
grey backed camaraptora purple heron yellow billed egret
grey backed fiscal shrike pygmy falcon yellow billed stork
grey headed bush shrike red billed hornbill yellow bishop
grey headed gull red billed oxpecker yellow neck spurfowl
grey headed kingfisher red breasted cuckoo yellow vented bulbul
grey headed social weaver red collared widow-bird TOTAL: 140
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