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Namibia is an amazing country: sparsely populated, extremely dry, with huge deserts and the highest sand dunes in the world . We toured in the north, spending 2 days in the Etosha National Park and then in the south to the Namib Desert, where there is less wildlife to see but more spectacular scenery, including the impressive Fish Canyon, the Sossusvlei dunes (click here to see photo), the windy coastal town of Lüderitz and the abandoned, eerie goldmining town of Kolmanskop. (Total of 3158 miles in 13 days)
black-chested prinia hoopoe red-crested korhaan
black crow house sparrow red-eyed bulbul
black eagle Karoo korhaan red-headed finch
blacksmith plover kelp gull rock kestrel
blue waxbill Kori bustard rock martin
Burchell's starling lanner falcon rock pigeon
Cape cormorant lappet-faced vulture rosy-faced lovebird
Cape gannet laughing dove Ruppell's korhaan
Cape sparrow lesser flamingo Ruppell's parrot
Cape turtle dove lilac-breasted roller scaly-feathered finch
Cape wagtail little African swift scarlet-chested sunbird
common waxbill long-billed crombec scops owl
crimson-breasted shrike Ludwig's bustard short-toed rock thrush
crowned plover marico flycatcher sociable weaver
darter marico sunbird South African shelduck
Eastern white pelican martial eagle speckled mousebird
Egyptian goose mountain chat spoonbill
familiar chat Namaqua dove swallow-tailed bee-eater
fiscal shrike Namaqua sandgrouse swift tern
fork-tailed drongo northern black korhaan white-backed vulture
glossy starling ostrich white-breasted cormorant
greater kestrel pale chanting goshawk white-browed sparrow weaver
great sparrow pale-winged starling white-crowned shrike
grey-headed gull pied barbet white-fronted plover
grey heron pied crow white-tailed shrike
grey hornbill pririt batis yellow-billed egret
grey lourie (go-away bird) red-billed buffalo weaver yellow-billed hornbill
Hartlaub's gull red-billed francolin  
helmeted guinea fowl red-billed hornbill TOTAL: 85
Namibian flag

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Yellow-billed hornbill.  Click once to see an enlargement.
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