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Oman is a barren, very mountainous country which is still not a significant tourist destination. Once outside of the capital Muscat, one sees very few tourists, though the country offers some spectacular mountain scenery, peaceful, remote areas and beautiful restored forts. It is not particularly rich in birdlife but there are some areas which are well worth visiting, especially the ponds and creeks in the Salalah area, in the south of the country. Omanis are very friendly, helpful and courteous people and there are some excellent hotels and restaurants. This is one of our favourite countries to which we will surely return.

black kite great white egret pintail
black-headed gull greater flamingo purple heron
black-tailed godwit green sandpiper purple sunbird
black-winged stilt greenshank red-crested pochard
Caspian tern grey heron redshank
collared dove gull-billed tern red-wattled plover
common kingfisher herring gull reef heron
common myna hooded crow ring-necked parakeet
common sandpiper house bunting sanderling
coot house sparrow Sandwich tern
cormorant Hume's wheatear shoveler
crested lark Indian roller snipe
curlew Indian white-eye sooty gull
dabchick Isabelline wheatear spoonbill
desert wheatear Kentish plover spotted eagle
dunlin kestrel squacco heron
Egyptian vulture laughing dove swift tern
European bee eater lesser black-backed gull teal
fan-tailed raven little egret Tristram's grackle
gadwall osprey white wagtail
glossy ibis oyster catcher wigeon
graceful prinia pale crag martin yellow wagtail
great grey shrike pheasant-tailed jacana yellow-vented bulbul
    TOTAL 69
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