We stayed at a beautiful, peaceful location near Pula on the south coast and, although the number of birds identified was rather low, seven species were new to us. Particularly interesting were the nightjars which "hawked" for insects around the hotel grounds every night. Nightingales sung in a wooded area not far from the hotel and a pair of Audouin's gulls was regularly on the beach nearby.
Audouin's gull grey wagtail purple heron
bee eater herring gull raven
blackbird hooded crow rock dove
black redstart hoopoe Sardinian warbler
black winged stilt house martin serin
buzzard Italian sparrow skylark
chaffinch Kentish plover Spanish sparrow
cirl bunting kestrel spotless starling
collared dove little egret spotted flycatcher
coot little tern stonechat
cormorant mallard swallow
dabchick marsh harrier swift
flamingo Mediterranean gull tawny pipit
goldfinch moorhen tree sparrow
great tit nightingale woodchat shrike
greenfinch nightjar TOTAL: 47
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Mallard in flight. (This is not actually a link to anywhere.) 
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