This was a long overdue holiday, my previous tour of Scandinavia being in 1971. We saw the same selection of birds as at home with the exception of the snow bunting seen in the mountains. The scenery in the fjord region of Norway is fantastic and well worth a visit. We took a trip on the steepest conventional (i.e. not rack and pinnion) railway in the world from Flåm to Myrdal (from 2m - 866m altitude in about 10 miles) and this was a great experience.
barnacle goose great crested grebe mute swan
blackbird great tit oyster catcher
black headed gull greenfinch pheasant
blue tit green woodpecker redshank
buzzard greylag goose robin
Canada goose heron snow bunting
chaffinch herring gull sparrow
collared dove hooded crow starling
common gull jackdaw swallow
common sandpiper jay swift
common tern lapwing tufted duck
coot lesser black headed gull wheatear
dabchick magpie white wagtail
fieldfare mallard willow warbler
goldeneye meadow pipit wood pigeon
    TOTAL: 45
Norwegian flag

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