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Surely some of the most beautiful islands in the world, with an incredibly relaxed ambiance. Bird Island just has to be seen (and heard!) to be believed. In the breeding season (when we were there), this tiny island which one can walk right round in 20 minutes is populated by a huge and noisy colony of sooty terns (half a million or more) and a much smaller number of the delightful fairy terns. Most of the birds are very approachable and I took probably the best photographs of my life here, particularly of noddies and fairy terns. Click here to go to the Bird Island Photo Album.
Audubon's shearwater green backed heron sanderling
barred ground dove greenshank Seychelles blue pigeon
bridled tern grey heron Seychelles bulbul
cattle egret grey plover Seychelles fody
common noddy Indian myna Seychelles paradise flycatcher
crab plover lesser frigate bird Seychelles sunbird
crested tern lesser noddy swiftlet
curlew Madagascar fody turnstone
curlew sandpiper magpie robin turtle dove
fairy tern red headed forest fody whimbrel
greater frigate bird roseate tern white tailed tropicbird
    TOTAL: 33
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Greater frigate bird.  Click once to see an enlargement.
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