This was a holiday in the beautiful, mountainous north west of the country. For reasons I don't understand, it was extremely difficult to see birds and even common species such as collared dove, jackdaw, starling, wood pigeon and wren were missing. Whether driving on minor roads or walking through quiet woods, we just didn't see many birds. The three toed woodpecker was new for us and was seen on a heavily wooded mountain at a height of approximately 1600 metres.
Alpine swift house martin redstart
black redstart house sparrow robin
blackbird jay sand martin
blue tit kestrel serin
buzzard linnet spotted flycatcher
chaffinch magpie swallow
goldfinch mallard swift
great tit mute swan three toed woodpecker
grey wagtail raven white wagtail
hooded crow red backed shrike yellowhammer
    TOTAL: 30
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Magpie. Click once to see an enlargement.
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