This was a short holiday in the beautiful Coto Doñana National Park in Andalucia. We were based in the unusual town of El Rocío which, with its sand streets and horseriders, seems like Mexico. It was a guided birdwatching tour, hence the large number of birds identified, some of which were new to us.
avocet greater flamingo raven
azure winged magpie great grey shrike red kite
bar tailed godwit great tit redshank
bee eater greenshank ringed plover
blackbird grey heron robin
blackcap greylag goose sanderling
black headed gull grey wagtail Sandwich tern
black kite griffon vulture Sardinian warbler
black stork hoopoe shoveler
black winged stilt house martin slender billed gull
buzzard house sparrow snipe
Caspian tern imperial eagle spoonbill
cattle egret Kentish plover spotless starling
chaffinch kestrel spotted flycatcher
chiffchaff kingfisher stonechat
common scoter lapwing stone curlew
common tern lesser black backed gull swallow
coot little egret teal
cormorant little grebe thekla lark
crested lark little tern water rail
curlew magpie wheatear
Dartford warbler mallard whimbrel
dunlin marsh harrier whinchat
gadwall melodious warbler white stork
gannet moorhen willow warbler
goldfinch oystercatcher woodchat shrike
goshawk pied flycatcher wood pigeon
great crested grebe purple gallinule yellow wagtail
    TOTAL: 84
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Sanderling.  Click once to see an enlargement.
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