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We saw many more birds than these but, without a field guide for the country, we were unable to identify them. Many species found in India are also present here.
alexandrine parakeet house sparrow pheasant-tailed jacana
black drongo house swift purple heron
blue rock pigeon Indian pipit purple sunbird
cattle egret Indian roller red vented bulbul
Ceylon black robin Indian shag red wattled lapwing
cliff swallow intermediate egret spotted dove
common myna Jerdon's leafbird spot billed pelican
common swallow jungle babbler tailorbird
coucal jungle crow velvet fronted nuthatch
crag martin little egret white ibis
crimson breasted barbet little tern white breasted kingfisher
dabchick magpie robin white breasted waterhen
grey tit paddy bird white necked stork
grey wagtail Pallas' fish eagle yellow fronted barbet
house crow palm swift TOTAL: 44
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Purple heron.  Click once to see an enlargement.
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