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We saw many more birds than these but, with only a very basic field guide, we were unable to identify them on our own. We saw a lot more during a 2 hour guided walk in a jungle in the main National Park but I didn't take notes due to a number of factors (poor visibility due to the canopy, damp conditions, difficult very muddy paths, lethargy caused by the heat and humidity). We were ripped off for this walk as for the hire of the necessary Wellington boots. Also on this holiday we were threatened with a knife by 2 rough-looking characters on a remote beach, hassled by some very insistent hawkers and overcharged in a restaurant. I also managed to lose my driving glasses on the flight out, so was unable to drive the hired car. All in all, it wasn't a great holiday and we won't be returning!
bananaquit reef heron
bare-eyed thrush ruddy ground dove
blue-black grassquit rufous-breasted hermit
blue-crowned motmot rufous-breasted wren
blue-grey tanager rufous-tailed jacamar
brown pelican rufous-vented chacalaca
buff-throated woodcreeper savannah hawk
carib grackle shiny cowbird
cattle egret short-tailed swift
common sandpiper smooth-billed ani
copper-rumped hummingbird snowy egret
crested oropendola tropical kingbird
curlew tropical mockingbird
green-backed heron white-necked heron
laughing gull white-lined tanager
magnificent frigatebird white-throated thrush
olivaceous cormorant white-tipped dove
orange-winged parrot yellow-bellied elaenia
palm tanager yellow-legged thrush
red-crowned woodpecker TOTAL: 39
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