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Information on this Website and some of my others


This Website is best viewed with Internet Explorer, with Favourites switched off. Viewable screen depth can be increased by pressing F11 (and returned to normal view by pressing F11 again). In Internet Explorer, the overall display size can be changed to one of the 5 options available from the Size icon on the toolbar. Remember to bookmark the Homepage (add to Favourites).  

You can navigate easily between the pages, using the quick links bar at the top and bottom of all the main pages. Photographs reached by links from the main pages carry a link back to the respective originating page (and in some cases also to the Homepage). Please note that all the images except the 9 train photos produce pop-up tags if the cursor is left on them for a second or two. These tags contain additional comments and information. Please also look for additional comments in the Status Bar at the bottom of the screen (in Internet Explorer). If this bar is not visible, please switch it on via the View menu.

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If you like this Website and want me to design and build your own, please with your requirements so that I can consider them and make a proposal. I have the full Macromedia "Web Design Studio" package which gives me the capability to design my own animations and create all sorts of other fancy effects. To get the most out of the software, I took courses in the "Dreamweaver", "Fireworks" and "Flash" programmes which are part of this package. In June 2004 I completed an HNC in Computing and Internet Development which extended this knowledge and also introduced me to more advanced and interactive Web applications, including bespoke programming. Visit my business Website for more details on what I can offer.

Download a 4-page Word document describing my commercial Website design services.

See some of my Websites

View a Flash "movie" I created

One of my Websites

If you want to see the Website I built for Aiken's Drum, a West Yorkshire folk music band, please visit www.aikensdrum.com. The band has released 2 CDs which can be ordered on the Website. Music clips from the first CD can be downloaded and the traditional songs from it can be ordered in digital format.

The most complex project I have undertaken is a bespoke Greeting Cards site with an on-line ordering facility (www.jtallet.co.uk/cards).

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