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Norwegian tour - July 1971

Probably not in Norway but it's a nice photo!

A country Richard and I visited in 1971, along with a friend Mike Ridgard, is Norway. On that trip we toured all the way from Ostend to the northernmost part of Norway and quickly down through Finland, Sweden and Denmark, then back to Ostend, doing a total of 5430 miles (including UK mileage) in 19 days. This was in my highly reliable VW 1500 Beetle. (Click Photo 5 below to see a photo of the dirty Beetle, Richard and me (in my hairy period - yes, I really did look that scruffy in those days!) taken on a cold day in the far north of Norway.) You can see the following photos if you wish (click the green arrows to move between them):

1. Richard and John - picnic in Schleswig, Germany
2. Richard and John on Denmark-Sweden ferry
3. Richard and John at the Arctic Circle
4. John preparing lunch near a fjord
5. Richard and John with the VW Beetle
6. Richard at a ferry point at midnight
7. Richard and John - logs and lunch, Gävle
8. Richard on quayside at Gävle, Sweden

(All the above-mentioned photos are courtesy of Mike Ridgard. Like Richard and I, he grew up on Teesside and took a keen interest in the ships visiting the various docks on the busy River Tees. Mike has travelled widely and is an accomplished photographer.)

Read Richard's Diary for the Scandinavian tour.

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