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John's thoughts 20 years on.....

So it's now 20 years since Richard took his own life; that traumatic and terrible time certainly doesn't seem that long ago and details of the consequences, actions and events following his death remain poignant and fresh in my mind. I still reflect from time to time on our childhood and holidays together and wonder how things might have turned out differently had Richard's dreadful illness not changed everything. I still refer to his meticulous diaries to check facts, activities or events in which we were both involved and inevitably I spend more time than intended reading his entries for other days. It often feels strange and sad to be thus reminded of specific happy and interesting times together.

I keep in very occasional eMail contact with a few of Richard's friends from school and his Newcastle University period but sadly his longstanding school friend Dave McLauchlan, with whom I had maintained regular contact, died on 29.08.19.

Richard was my only brother and is fondly remembered and sadly missed. If anyone wishes to submit their own comments about or memories of him, for publishing on this Website, please use the Comments/Tributes Form. I would also be very pleased to learn by eMail if anyone still visits this Website and I thank you if you have.

John Tallet


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