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Richard's Railway Photo Album

A winner!  See photo 9.

These photos are a small selection of the thousands which Richard took. Particularly memorable for me are those taken on Shap on 22.07.67 which was a beautiful, warm day with continuous sunshine. Having got up at 06.15am, we were on Shap Fell from about 8am until 8.30pm, photographing steam trains working hard up the incline. This was close to the end of regular steam-working and we were treated to a good number of 'Saturday Specials'. Richard was absolutely in his element, enjoying one of his main hobbies, an interest which he retained throughout his life. (Many thanks to Dave McLauchlan for scanning the photos.)

(Click the captions to view the full size photos and the green arrows to move between them.)

1: Beattock, 29.04.67

2: York, 02.07.67

3: Shap, 22.07.67

4: Shap, 22.07.67

5: Shap, 22.07.67

6: Leeds, 05.08.67

7: Garstang, 09.04.68

8: Bamford, 01.09.73

9: Grosmont, 19.08.74

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