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You can hear some of Richard's home-recorded music by clicking the links in the Titles column of the table below. The following songs/tunes were recorded at home in Redcar at Christmas 1979.

These are compressed MP3 files requiring a zip programme such as WinZip (available from www.winzip.com) to extract (unzip) them. You should first download them to your hard disk, remembering in which folder you have saved them. Then unzip one and double click it to launch your default media player.

Titles Richard John File Size
Gypsy Davy vocal/dulcimer/harmonica whistle 3146 Kb
High Germany vocal/dulcimer whistle 3009 Kb
Keep that wheel a'turning vocal/spoons harmonica 2225 Kb
The south wind/Scartaglen Polka harmonica/tambourine/bodhran whistle 2600 Kb
Three jolly rogues of Lynn vocal/dulcimer/tambourine whistle 2450 Kb
Three Morris tunes harmonica/tambourine/bodhran harmonica 1935 Kb
Tralee Gaol/Maggie in the wood harmonica/tambourine whistle 1967 Kb

THE CD FROM TENPENNY BIT: "Eight More Bars Please"
released June 2002, with Richard on drums, recorded August 2000 (FR GF 001)

Download the following tracks:

These zipped MP3 tracks can be downloaded in full. Please see above for instructions.

Type of tune
Playing Time
File Size
La Bastrangue
2m 13s
1977 Kb
Horses Branle
6m 29s
5971 Kb
Nutting Girl Set
3m 53s
3562 Kb
Tatter Jack Walsh
3m 48s
3483 Kb
Thomas's farewell
3m 49s
3490 Kb

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