This Summer, Redcar beach looked fine,
'Golden Days' beside the brine,
Made us think of days of yore,
Pleasure on the sunny shore.

The lifeboat on its slipway stood,
All gleaming paint, it did look good,
And volunteers spend their time,
Keeping the boat's condition prime.

And each man learns his Marine Lessons,
For often time is of the essence.
Dangerous can be a Summer day,
The rockets boom! The boat's away!

The red sports car and boat look cute,
A speedy craft, called aptly, 'Skoot',
And youngsters play in shallow pool,
It's holidays, no thoughts of school!

The harvest of the sea is caught.
By waiting crowds it's quickly bought,
And local fishermen are glad,
A heavy catch, that can't be bad.

Noise, laughter, general din,
All this when the boat comes in.
Codling, mackerel, flatties, dabs,
"Come on now, who'll buy my lovely crabs?"

The lifeguard, with power boat close by,
Relaxed, he keeps an eagle eye.
When youngsters do not warnings heed,
To save a life, it's speed, all speed!

The donkeys stand in Summer heat,
For little ones a special treat;
As up and down the beach they go,
And happy kiddies' faces glow.

Candy floss, beef burgers, hot dog stall,
Redcar beach, it has it all;
Roundabouts and swings close by,
Riding, twirling, flying high.

And 'Jane Marie' has fish for sale,
Bring your plastic bag or pail,
'Gentle Barbara' has returned,
Crew's fishy fingers, faces burned!

The shadows lengthen, crowds are gone.
For now the evening draws on.
Lone tractor, one coble and its crew,
And happy memories have you! 


Douglas R. Tallet, September 1983

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