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Dad's Poetry Page

The South Gare was a favourite location for the Tallet family and we would often cycle there to watch the ships.

Douglas Tallet at The South Gare, mouth of the River Tees, 03.08.76

Dad was a prolific writer of poetry, mostly on themes relevant to the Tallet family and Teesside where we lived. If you enjoy reading these and would like to see more on this Website, please .
Click here to find the first poem. "To an absent one" Written at the time of Richardís first leaving home to go to Newcastle University
Click here to find the second poem. "Wishing" Also written at this time, which appears to have been quite traumatic for Dad
Click here to find the third poem. "Summer beach" A word picture of Redcar beach on a busy Summer day
Click here to find the fourth poem. "Coast conscious" In praise of living at the coast
Click here to find the fifth poem. "They who go down to the sea" About the sinking of a trawler on 16.02.65
Click here to find the sixth poem. "September Morning" Images of an early morning in Redcar
Click here to find the seventh poem. "For services rendered" 25 years of employment at Head Wrightson
Click here to find the eighth poem. "Five day week" Weekend pleasures away from the office

See photos of Mum and Dad.

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