This poem was written to mark a 25 years' service function given by Head Wrightson of Teesside on 26.02.76, at which Dad duly received his 25 years award. His poem was included on the menu card.


Head Wrightson honours workers loyal
For many years of faithful toil.
Familiar faces, older now,
With their skills the firm endow.

Good years, bad years, memories,
Across the Channel, the enemy.
Landing craft we made in '41.
Those here tonight still soldier on.

Still today we are at war
As inflation soars and soars,
So it's up to all of us
To make Head Wrightson prosperous.

Youngsters take their father's place.
Will their skills help win the race?
Our Teesdale sales staff wonder if
That fixed price bid is competitive.

Again we'll be a 'United Nation',
Gone - the enemy inflation.

Our successors we must inspire.
We haven't long 'til we retire.
No easy way - much skill and toil,
Head Wrightson still needs workers loyal.


Douglas R. Tallet, February 1976


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