The air is sharp this morning
'Tis Sunday and the sun-drenched town still sleeps.
The chink of bottles heralds the early morning milk.
Noisily a blackbird hammers his breakfast snail.
Cobwebs brush the cheek.

The sun-lit sea scintillates.
Lone lobster-fisher hauls his pots.
Overhead a solitary gull wheels and watches.
Worm casts make a myriad miniature mountains
'midst the moss,
Shells and variegated pebbles shimmer in the sun.

Only man's handiwork offends,
Plastic buckets, bottles,
Marine bric-a-brac from the morning tide.

A crab scuttles from a nearby rock
And dew still glistens on the waving grass.


Douglas R. Tallet, September 1971


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