"What's it's like?" Those inland ask
Of us at Redcar, Saltburn, Marske
"To live by coast when Summer's o'er
And shiver when the north winds blow."

Oft thus to them I have replied
It's great to live in sound of tide
And to be in easy reach
Of "Neptune's Thunder" on the beach.

The sea in all its many moods
Is livelier than Sylvan woods.
Sunset on ocean at tempest's lull,
The flight of puffin, cry of gull.
Winter's fog the Tees-mouth hides,
There's flotsam and jetsam at low tides.

"Office-type" becomes beachcomber
In Summer when the nights are warmer.
So I say to those inland
"I like, between my toes, the sand".


Douglas R. Tallet, November 1973

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